Study practice and work placements

Study practice

The study programme “Economics and Management” is conceived as a professional programme; therefore, gaining practical professional experience in the form of ‘Study Practice’ contributes significantly to building the graduate’s profile, especially in relation to the acquisition and consolidation of professional knowledge and skills. Professional experience is designed to prepare students for the performance of managerial functions, in particular to help them to learn and master the individual functions of management (planning, organising, leading and controlling) at the application level and to enable them to acquire knowledge and skills concerning managerial approaches, methods and procedures for the implementation of specific business activities.

Professional orientation of Study Practice

The professional orientation of the Study Practice must correspond to the subject, focus and content of the student’s study programme. The Study Practice is most often oriented to the field of personnel management, human resources management, public relations, marketing, business activities, but also planning, organisation and management of production and services, business economics and financial management activities, etc. It is also possible to complete a Study Practice through participation in NEWTON University projects, including plans and projects implemented in cooperation with third parties.

Different forms of Study Practice

Students may undertake their Study Practice at workplaces with which NEWTON University has contractual arrangements or, alternatively, they may propose other workplaces (internal and external). Student Study Practice may be undertaken either as a block or continuously, and may be paid or unpaid. Study Practice may also take the form of a trainee programme, or within the framework of voluntary activities, etc..

Scope of Study Practice

Study Practice must be undertaken for a minimum of 480 hours for bachelor’s students and 240 hours for master’s students. It is also possible to complete more hours of Study Practice, up to a maximum of 960 hours. The total number of hours is reflected in the certificate of completed practice, which students receive with their diploma at the end of their degree.

Records of Study Practice

For each Study Practice, the scope and objectives are defined. Each learning experience is then properly recorded, monitored and evaluated. At the end of the placement, the student prepares a detailed report demonstrating the fulfilment of objectives of the Study Practice. The student’s performance on the placement is also evaluated by the Guarantor of Study Practices.