Strategy and Development

Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals

NEWTON University’s goal is to build a sought-after and widely respected centre of professionally oriented higher education that provides high-quality training for future managers and entrepreneurs.

The university is working towards this goal by means of the careful structuring of the content of its teaching and pursuing systematic improvements in the same; through the selection and gradual optimisation of suitable teaching methods in order to achieve the stated goal; by systematically improving the professional structure of academic staff and by involving them more widely in domestic and international creative activities, as well as in expert and professional cooperation with the corporate sector and public institutions.

NEWTON University’s mission is to prepare its future graduates for the performance of their profession in the best possible way. In the case of future managers, this means to provide them with a good chance of employment on the labour market, and in the case of entrepreneurs, to provide them with the skills to successfully manage their own company. Achieving this goal involves equipping students with a body of knowledge based on the latest theoretical and practical understanding, and providing them with guidance on how to apply this knowledge. NEWTON University also considers that the formation of students’ personality, value structure and evaluative attitudes form a necessary part of this preparation.