Bachelor’s degree (Czech language)

The three-year Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Management is a professionally oriented study programme with three specialisations. Its focus is on core economic and management subjects oriented towards the business sphere, augmented with specialist topics.

Applicants can choose from the following specialisations:

  • Global Business and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing

The study programme is designed to meet the requirements of the labour market

The study programme as a whole, as well as the individual specialisations, reflect the gradually changing requirements of the labour market, including the growing demand for comprehensively equipped specialists and managers possessing both the necessary breadth of professional knowledge and consciously and purposefully developed personal qualities.

What knowledge and skills will students acquire during their studies?

Students of the programme acquire not only core subject knowledge, but also necessary supplementary knowledge, especially in the fields of law, philosophy and psychology. Attention is also paid to the development of broader professional skills, especially language (it is compulsory to study Business English and it is also possible to take additional elective courses in English or another foreign language) and general professional competencies (e.g. communication and presentation skills, etc.).

The structure and form of the programme is identical in both forms of study, i.e. full-time and combined (in which teaching takes places in blocks on the weekend to accommodate the needs of working students)..

Practice is an integral part of the study programme

Students must carry out a minimum of 480 hours of practical professional activities over the course of their studies. NEWTON University cooperates with a number of companies, institutions and organisations to organise study placements.

International study placements and internships

Students on the programme have the opportunity to take advantage of the ERASMUS+ study abroad programme. NEWTON University cooperates with 27 colleges and universities in 13 countries under the scheme.