Science, research and other creative activities

The ability to work creatively and to tackle research projects independently is one of the essential qualification requirements for working at NEWTON University. NEWTON University’s specialist departments are built as teaching and research centres or as scientific and pedagogical institutes, whose main activity is scientific and research activities. Participation in the preparation, acquisition and subsequent carrying out of research projects is expected of both the scientific and the academic staff of NEWTON University.

*Projects with an asterisk have had their name translated from Czech. 

A. Research projects

Project: Methodology for evaluating the results of validation testing in initial education and its application in model case studies*
Programme for Support of Applied Social Science and Humanities Research, Experimental Development and Innovation ÉTA of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR)
Applicant: NEWTON College, a.s. (now NEWTON University, a.s.)
Czech School Inspectorate
Project identification code: TL01000385    
Project duration: 2018 — 2020, sustainability phase 2021 — 2023 
Certified methodology for evaluating the results of verification testing in initial education used by the application partner.

Project: 25 Years of Public Administration Development and Reforms in the Visegrad Region — Countries and What Will the Future Bring
Visegrad Fund Programme (Strategic Grants Call: “25th Anniversary of the Democratic Changes in Central Europe”)
Applicant: Masaryk University, Brno

  • NEWTON College, a.s. (now NEWTON University, a.s.)
  • Kelen-Consult BT, Budapest
  • Collegium Civitas, Warsaw
  • Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Project ID: 31410077    
Project duration: 2014 — 2016
Publications NEMEC, J., ŠPAČEK, D. (eds.). Brno: Masaryk University. ISBN 978 — 80 – 210-8498 – 8.

B. International research cooperation

Project: aLIFEca — Virtual Open Course of Automotive Life Cycle Assessment
Applicant: VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava

  • NEWTON University
  • Scoveco, s.r.o.
  • Politechnika Śląska, Spin 360, SRL, University of Žilina.

Associated partners:

  • ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association
  • ASA: Automotive Skills Association

Project ID: 2021 — 1‑CZ01-KA220-HED-000032222    
Project Duration: 1/11/2021 — 31/10/2023    
Budget: 276 970 EUR
Source of funding: Erasmus+ Programme, call 2021, round 1, key action KA2, Action type KA220-HED- Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Project objective: 
The main goal of the project is to develop a professional methodology oriented towards the assessment of (managerial) competences of employees in the automotive industry throughout their entire career.  Verification of the level of competence based on the methodology developed by the project will take the form of a so-called MOOC course — a massive open online course. The project focuses on a MOOC with a certification framework and practical examples. It will focus on the area of sustainability in the automotive industry with the aim of improving opportunities for quality lifelong learning. Its focus will contribute to the transformation to a Digital Europe. The MOOC will reflect the specific requirements in the field of green mobility with regard to the EU strategy and the Green Deal. At the end of the project, the course will be ready for inclusion in the pan-European database of educational courses offered towards the automotive industry. The results of the project will be shared publicly and in partnership with the Automotive Skills Association.

Project: MUDIPLAT — Multidimensional diagnostic platform and methodology to support the development of natural potentials of an individual*

Applicant: NEWTON University (as NEWTON College, a.s.)
Partners:  University of Wroclaw
Project ID: 2021 — 1‑CZ01 — KA210 — ADU-000035065
Project Duration: 1/12/2021 — 1/10/2022
Budget: 60 000 EUR
Source of funding: Erasmus+ Programme
Project Objective:
The project aims to develop a methodology to support the development of an individual’s natural potential followed by a combined pilot training to develop this natural potential. The aim of the pilot training is to validate the proposed methodology and to test the online platform that is created during the project (a multidimensional diagnostic platform for objective self-assessment and support for the development of an individual’s natural potential). As part of the training, lecturers and mentors are also trained to conduct individual training, and to consult the outputs of the platform. At the end of the project, a workshop will be held to introduce the outputs of the project to the professional community.

C. Internal projects

NEWTON University offers the opportunity to undertake internal research projects funded by the NEWTON University Internal Grants Agency (IGA).
Under the IGA, 4 projects were supported in AR 2016/2017, 2 projects in AR 2017/2018, and 1 project in AR 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. For AR 2020/2021, the IGA NC programme is announced during August 2020, with a budget of 100 000 CZK. Similarly, for AR 2021/22 in July 2021, and for AR 2022/23 in August 2022, with the same budget of CZK 100 000.
Proposals for grant projects are open to all members of the NEWTON HEI academic community, including students; high-quality project proposals submitted by or with the participation of students may be supported beyond the original budget of the programme.

The disposal of research and development results at NEWTON University is governed by the same Chancellor’s Directive of 2022.